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Provide the best hairbrush and Cover

A hygienic cover for a hair brush is an elastic plastic netting of lycra polyester stitched into a tunnel shape with open and closed ends. This cover is rolled on a hollow insert with two open ends. A hairbrush is inserted into and through the insert. The closed end of the cover hits the end of the brush and the cover is stretched over the brush and sliders off the insert and compresses around the brush head.

Let Your Hair Shine

That day was a busy day i had to brush her as usual before i go to work i thought why i have to clean the brush constantly i found a simple way to keep the brush clean bu putting a bandage on the brush, brushing my cat and pulling out the bandage just to keep the brush clean.



Highest Quality

I repeated this procedure daily for a couple of days seeing the brush very clean and easy to use with a less time the brush is always clean.

I improved my invention by developing it into a better idea that should be flexible for all kind of brushes helping others using their brush with the product that I’m using.

First of all i applied for a patent and was granted under the number US Patent 8,381,492 i had several difficulties but my mind is still keeping telling me when there is a will there is a way.

I’m proud having my product in the US market and abroad i'm selling a lot and people are admired with my invention.

I really appreciate everyone who encourage me by purchasing my product they definitely found the benefits when they have used it.