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Hygienic Hairbrush

Hygienic Hairbrush

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The Hygienic Hair Brush Cover is easy to use on hairbrushes of all kinds. You can read the instructions on the cardboard provided with The Hygienic Hairbrush Cover for applying it to your brush as well as removing it to keep your brush clean. It is safe and easy to use on all kinds of hair. There is no side effect to the scalp. The Hygienic Hairbrush Cover prolongs the life of your hairbrush. In minutes, you'll be able to brush your hair without causing scalp irritation and hair tangles. The Hygienic Hairbrush Cover offers multiple benefits not only for hygienic purposes but also for your overall hair quality. You can wash it and reuse it several times. One size fits all round and flat hairbrushes.

The Hygienic Hairbrush Cover protects your scalp from disease and prevents spreading germs from one head to another. By using the cover, you protect your hair and brush from dirt and germs and you’ll notice an added softness to your hair after use. When using The Hygienic Hairbrush Cover there is no pulling or damage done to the hair. If you are using a blow dryer with a high-temperature setting, the net will absorb the heat and protect your hair from damage, keeping it silky soft. After styling, any loose fallen hairs left on the net can be easily removed. It's more efficient than any existing product in the market. It’s the first high-grade hairbrush cover of its kind that is affordable for everyone and is conveniently shaped and sized so you can carry it with you anywhere.

It's a hygienic product that can be sold in cosmetic stores, pharmacies, hair salons, and even supermarkets by distributors and wholesalers. You will love using The Hygienic Hairbrush Cover!

A hygienic cover for a hair brush is an elastic plastic netting of lycra polyester stitched into a tunnel shape with open and closed ends. This cover is rolled on a hollow insert with two open ends. A hairbrush is inserted into and through the insert. The closed end of the cover hits the end of the brush and the cover is stretched over the brush and sliders off the insert and compresses around the brush head.

Patent No: US 8,381,492 B2
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